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Violin Music Classes in Mahalingapuram - Dr.Sowmyasree is a violinist from Chennai, South India who specializes in carnatic violin music. She is a native of Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu and has been living in Chennai for more than 4 decades and teaching violin music classes in mahalingapuram.

Her interest in music and all things musical was not by chance. Her mother, Mrs.Meenakshi was an exponent of the Veena and Carnatic Vocal music and through her, she was introduced to the realm of classical carnatic music at a tender age of 5. She learnt to play the Veena from her, but her inclination has always tended towards the violin which was to become her passion. She has started her initial training under the tutelage of Mrs. Lalitha Raghavan (Violinist), then from Kalamamani Prof.M.S.Anatharaman (Violinist). She was then fortunate to study music under the wings of Dr. Manjula Sriram (Vocalist). From then on, there was no looking back. A few years later, the author had the good fortune of meeting Sangeetha Kalanidhi A.Kanyakumari and has since been under her able tutelage. Dr.Sowmyasree has been performing in various group concerts with Sangeetha Kalanidhi A.Kanyakumari. She is also performing in various concerts in Tamil Nadu.

The institute also prepares students to get certified with Grade 1 to Grade 8 level carnatic violin exams in Bridge Academy, Chennai

Dr.Sowmyasree's Academic Qualifications

First class in B.Sc (Physics) from S.D.N.B Vaishnav College, Chrompet (1982)

Gold Medalist in “Sangeetha Vidwan” course from Tamil Nadu Government Music College (1984).

First Class in M.A (Music) from University of Madras (2007).

First Class and stood FIRST in M.Phil (Music) from Queen Mary’s College, University of Madras (2011).

Obtained Doctorate in Music from Tamil University, Thanjavur (2016).

Dr.Sowmyasree has been taking carnatic violin classes in IIT, Chennai since 2007.